Celebrating the Lunar New Year at North China Restaurant

Happy New Year everyone! We ended up celebrating the Lunar New Year at North China Restaurant, in Centerville, Ohio.

By Sue Lau | Palatable Pastime

Sometimes the New year brings unexpected surprises. I had expected to make a Szechuan noodle dish for our new year’s dinner. But, SURPRISE!

Somehow the refrigerated noodles were accidentally put away in the dry pantry.


So out today in a mad rush before dinner and I guess since it was the new year, everyone seemed to be sold out, except Dorothy Lane markets, which looked at me like I was from the moon. “Are you sure those were fresh noodles?” “Chinese noodles?” “What was the brand?”

Yeah, yeah. I know I could have used dried noodles, but once I get my head in a certain mindset, I can be stubborn. So after the second market was out, we decided to pop in to North China just outside of Dorothy Lane market on Far Hills in Centerville, Ohio. It was well into the dinner hour by then and both of us were feeling hungry and a bit testy.

So once inside, we order hot tea and try to decide what we will be having. Bill has his mind set on stir-fried squid, after having seen my photos for the Ojingeo Bokkeum (Korean Stir-Fried Squid) I had made and blogged for the Lunar New Year. I already had my mind set on Kung Pao Chicken, since I was feeling like something a bit spicy and crunchy. I also wanted a few pot stickers, so we decided to get the dim sum platter since it was kind of a special day and we don’t usually do that. Bill decided upon the “Eight Seafood Dishes” which the very friendly waitress suggested to him. It had shrimp, squid, scallops, mussels and sea cucumber in it as well as a number of usual vegetables. He ordered it extra spicy.

The dim sum comes out and it is *almost* typical. Crisp wontons, fried spring rolls, fried dumplings, crab rangoon. The beef kebabs were there as expected and my eyes lit up on the bbq ribs, which were flanken ribs and oh man they were big. And tender. Did I say “gum ’em, babe?” I give 4-stars to the platter. The ribs were excellent, but the pot stickers I prefer more fried in a wok instead of fried overall. The crab rangoon and pot stickers were just a tad light on filling. There was only one spring roll. The beef kebab was also excellent but not quite as excellent as the flanken ribs.

The main dishes came out and the Eight Seafood dishes platter is HUGE and was enough food for the both of us by itself. It was pretty spicy too, as we requested, and was just delicious. The Kung Pao was good. But it was good in the sense of Kung Pao good and not quite as flamboyant as the seafood dish. The seafood gets five-stars from me and the Kung pao gets four stars.

That makes the review total 13/3 for an honest review rating of 4.333, rounded to 4 stars.

Really Good (I’ll be back again!)

That makes this dinner good, which it was. We have been coming here for a number of years now and the food is consistent overall, and we find it to be good. We don’t mind coming here when we feel like having Chinese food. So if you are in the area and want good Chinese that is consistently good, then North China restaurant is right for you.

North China Restaurant

Address: 6090 Far Hills Ave, Dayton, OH 45459

Phone:(937) 433-6837

Hours: Friday 11:00 am – 10:00 pm

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