Barbecue, country fare offered at Woody’s in Beavercreek

Barbecue, country fare offered at Woody’s in Beavercreek, Ohio.

Woody's Barbecue

It was sometime last autumn that after being fed up with a couple bad experiences at other restaurant, and craving a taste for smoky sauce slathered on slow-cooked pork, that we set out to try the food at Woody’s Barbecue restaurant in Beavercreek Ohio. Despite wildly vascillating reviews from other diners, we decided to give it a go.

Welcome to Woody's

We got there, and the restaurant itself is in an older building that I remember being several different restaurants which I never went to. There was a small crowd inside, and we took a seat in a booth near the back where it was a little more cozy.

There was a good selection of items on the menu, ranging from brisket to chicken and pork, and also seafood selections such as catfish and shrimp. The sides sounded very enticing and home made.

I had not been doing blog restaurant reviews at the time (my blog is heavily food oriented but I also develop recipes among other things). I did make a diner review which I shall let you read here:

“We enjoyed eating here for the first time yesterday. We’d gotten hungry for barbecue and were reading the reviews and had been a little worried about what they said.

The wait staff here is very attentive! I know someone had said the portions here were small- I’d gotten the ribs and chicken combo and while the half slab on the plate *was* smaller than some I have seen, the platter was priced accordingly, as it was the same for ribs plus chicken here than I would just get a half slab and no chicken elsewhere. And after eating the meal, I felt comfortably full. I did see one could add another half slab to any meal for 6.99 which would be the price of a rib/chicken combo elsewhere, so surely with the extra half slab the portions are not small at all. My husband got the half chicken plate and it was more than he could eat, so the chicken is plenty, and also inexpensive as well.

The sides are good- the braised cabbage is done in an authentic southern style, seasoned up with meat. I also got the sweet potato which is served with cinnamon spread and you can get brown sugar and more cinnamon if you like. My husband got the baked beans which he remarked were excellent and also the collards, which although mild in taste, were punched right up with a splash of hot sauce.”

I think the most important thing here is the genuine flavor of smoke–which being an avid barbecuer myself I can assure you that it tastes right. There is another place in town that I suspect pours liquid smoke in their brine and that flavor just overwhelms their meat, especially the chicken. Here the smoke tastes like it comes from the smoker and nowhere else.

We know we will be back, as this place does meet our standards. Our waitress told us that on Sundays the chicken is all-you-can-eat. I am looking forward to that and if I manage to have some room after dinner I will sample some of the pie. My husband tried a chiffon type pumpkin pie and it was marvelous!

Friendly Staff at Woody’s

And if you were keen on that review, you might have the idea of portion size stick out in your mind, but I have to give them credit because they charge quite a bit less than other places, and you can add-on to your meal, so in the end, the PRICE vs. QUANTITY FOOD will be the same as anywhere else.

That gives us pause to focus on the real core of the thing: which is the taste.

There is good smoke flavor in the food, but no so much so that it overwhelms the flavor of the meat. I never realized that bbq could actually be over-smoked but after having  tasted some like that at other bbq restaurants, I have changed my mind. The end result of too much smoke (in case you are wondering) is kind of like tasting a sip of Liquid Smoke as an (albeit nonalcoholic) aperitif. I won’t mention where that happened in this review, since I am not reviewing that place here. But rest assured the meat at Woody’s has an appropriate amount of smoke flavor. And the sauces are nicely spicy too. There are three of them in fact, so you can have your pick. The Southern Sweet is nicely sweet but not overly so, much like a Memphis style sauce. The Tangy Mustard is more of a Carolina style. And the Smokin’ Hot to me is like a Texas style sauce perfect for brisket but I’d use it on anything. There are also various hot sauces like Texas Pete and Trappey’s Peppers in Vinegar, although for me, those are more for peppering up the greens and fried okra.

Woody's Sauces

There is quite the selection of country sides (not all may be listed on the menu) which make the perfect accompaniments, in my opinion, being Southern Style and all what I would consider to be good adds to the table at any barbecue. You can see the full list of their sides here.

Woody's Country Side Items

On this particular visit Bill (Potable Pastime) had the half-slab ribs, and I had the all-you-can-eat bbq chicken special. For sides, among us we ordered baked beans, braised cabbage, collard greens, sweet potato and fried okra. As part of your dinner you should also expect to receive a nicely buttery and garlicky piece of Texas Toast. That was the first thing I ate.

Half BBQ Chicken (as part of the A-Y-C-E  BBQ Chicken Special) with fried okra and Texas toast

Chicken: 4/5 stars (Good)

Moist and nicely done (not dry); however, slightly small

Okra 5/5 stars (Excellent)

‘Nuff said.

Half BBQ Chicken Platter

BBQ Chicken Close-Up
Woody's BBQ Chicken

Half Slab Ribs with Onion Ring garnish and Texas Toast

Ribs: 4/5 stars (Good)

Very good, if slightly small

Texas Toast: 5/5 stars (Excellent)

‘Nuff said.
Half Slab BBQ Ribs

Sweet Potato with Butter and Brown Sugar

Sweet Potato: 5/5 stars (Excellent)

‘Nuff said.
Baked Sweet Potato

Collard Greens

Collards: 4/5 stars (Good)

Could have been slightly more tender with more seasoning

Collard Greens

Stewed Cabbage

Cabbage: 3/5 stars (Uninspired)

Slightly overcooked even in terms of southern braised cabbage
Braised Cabbage

Baked Beans

Beans: 4/5 stars (Good)

Could be thicker with more meat seasoning
Baked beans

The review total for these eight items is:

34/40 for an honest total average rating of 4.25, rounded to four stars.

Really Good (I’ll be back again!)

This makes the dinner GOOD, which it was. This was our second visit to the restaurant and we will definitely be coming back. And although we were both to stuffed to the gills with good food this time, we sincerely hope to have room to add some of ther delicious looking desserts and pies to our dinner  next time as well (There is an AMAZING case of pies and other sweets for your eye-candy enjoyment at the front of the restaurant, but your server will have all the details).

We both find Woody’s to be a respectable barbecue establishment where you can count on having good, country home-style food at affordable prices. So if you are in the market for good BBQ without paying an arm and a leg, this restaurant is right for you.

Woody’s Exterior
Woody's Restaurant

Woody’s in Rear
Where the Magic Happens

Woody’s Bar-be-cue

3321 Dayton-Xenia Road

Beavercreek, OH 45452

Phone: (937) 426-PIGS (7447)
Fax: (937) 426-7448

Sun. – Thu. – 11:00 am – 9:00 pm
Fri. – Sat. – 11:00 am – 10:00 pm



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