An Unexpected French Encounter

It was recently that I had an evening that went awry when my computer decided to die. Having made a choice for another one and seeing there was only one left at a particular location we drove down to get it. But that threw a wrench into dinner plans…so after finally getting a new laptop in our hands, dinner became our Grand Finale of the evening in Glendale Ohio at a lovely little French restaurant/steak house.

I have been cooking for many years and know how to do the dance of finding new plans. We drove down to the Cincinnati area from Dayton to get the dreaded laptop, and the hour getting then late, thought we’d grab a bite out.

Unfortunately, it was the day after Valentine’s Day, and while you may wonder what is special about that, we got a lot of snow the day before so it had thrown the wrench into the plans of diners and restauranteurs alike. I didn’t really think about it since we had our dinner at home the day before.

And being in the general area of Tri-County I thought it might be nice to pop in to Pappadeaux and have something Cajun. So we arrive there and find that we wouldn’t even be seated before  10:30 p.m. Already starving we changed our minds on that one and set out driving south, coming upon the Grand Finale restaurant, which Bill has been to before but I had not. It didn’t look too busy and French sounded fine to me.

Looking over their menu, they offer a variety of appetizers ranging in price from about $6-$10. Some of the selections include artichoke fritters with Bearnaise sauce, crab cakes, fried oysters, and escargot in phyllo.

They offer a number of salads which can be ordered in a small size to accompany your dinner or come in an entree size with or without something added such as seafood or chicken, and also they offer a couple of soups: French oignion and a soup of the day.

There are a number of meat and seafood offerings, including Filet Mignon, several kinds of chicken, rack of lamb, shrimp, lobster, oysters, crab cakes, etc., (varying in price from $19.95 to $31.50 with lobster at the market price).

Also on the dinner menu are some A La Carte entrees such as Lobster Linguini, Citrus Crusted Scallops, Grand Spaghetti Toss (can be vegetarian) and a few others, (ranging in price from $12.95 to $21.95).

As well, there is the selection of crepes, (ranging in price from $11.95 to $19.95), that include a variety of fillings.

They also offer a wine list and an extensive dessert menu (you will be asked when you arrive if you are there for dinner or just dessert!) and they also have a brunch buffet on Sundays.

For our dinner, we started with a couple of wines: I ordered the Starmont Napa Valley Merryvale Sauvignon Blanc, (7.75/31.). Bill ordered the Clos du Bois Sauvignon Blanc from the North Coast of California (7.25/29.)

For an appetizer we ordered the Escargot in phyllo with spinach, roasted garlic and fennel (8.95). The escargot were wonderful and had an earthy flavor reminiscent of a place somewhere between a scallop and a mushroom. If you have never had escargot before, this is a really good dish to try, especially since it can be shared among several people. We have no qualms about trying it at all- escargot are closely related to clams and scallops. So if you like those, don’t worry about it and do give them a try.

We loved the escargot and give it 5/5 stars.

Escargot in Phyllo

It being well past nine by that time, we didn’t want to eat too heavy and thought the crepes might be a good choice. I ordered the Seafood Crepes (19.95), which were stuffed with Maine lobster claw meat, scallops, and shrimp in a buttery cheese sauce laced with fresh basil. I was impressed at the size pieces of lobster claw in mine. But I might have liked a little bit more wine flavor in the sauce.

I felt those crepes were very good and give that 4/5 stars.

Seafood Crepes

Along with my meal I also ordered a small goat cheese salad (5.25) which included haricots verts and a goat cheese medallion on a bed of greens along with pieces of endive and drizzled with a lemon vinaigrette. It was delicious but a little bit plain for my taste, and I felt it might be better balanced with the addition of nuts or dried fruits.

Still very good, I rate the Goat Cheese Salad 4/5 stars.

A bread service was also offered to the table along with butter for both of us at no extra charge.

Bill ordered the Crepes Coq au Vin (12.95), which had breast of chicken in a white wine sauce with a hint of nutmeg and garnished with almonds.

He liked these very much and rated them 4/5 stars.

Crepes Coq au Vin

Bill had skipped the salad thinking he might have room for dessert, which we saw a nice display on  entering the restaurant.

Of course, these crepes were much more rich than we expected and quite filling as well. By the end of the meal we were stuffed and Bill’s dessert would have to wait for another day.

Of course, Bill did go back this past week and grabbed a piece of their mousse au chocolat which is enormous! And more than enough for two (and possibly three!). I got to taste some of what he did not finish- it had a very light creamy texture and really satisfies that chocolate itch. I don’t see it on their online menu as this was not the white chocolate version but the normal one. It is very good!

I think it is safe to say we found the Chocolate Mousse Cake to be 5/5 stars.

We enjoyed our dinner (and the dessert a few days later) and the tally on the 5 items comes to 22/25 stars for an honest review average of 4.4 stars, rounded down to 4 stars which means we liked this restaurant very much and will be back!

Really Good (I’ll be back again!)

The Grand Finale

3 E. Sharon Road

Glendale, Ohio 45246

(513) 771-5925

Lunch: Tues. – Sat. 11:00 – 4:00
Dinner: Tues. – Thurs. 4:00 – 9:00
Friday and Saturday 4:00 – 10:00
Sunday 4:30 – 9:00
Sunday Bunch Buffet: 10:30 – 2:30


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