Lay’s “Do Us a Flavor” Potato Chip Finalist Review

We’re testing the new chip flavors in case you were too afraid…..
Lay's Do Us a Flavor Potato Chip Finalists

The four finalists in the wildly popular Frito-Lay chip naming contest have four very unlikely contenders. And we are here to review them all for you, in case you want some insight before pouring out your hard-earned cash on these unique flavors.

Bill of Potable Pastime and I will give our impressions of these along with a score from 1, being utterly revolting, to 5, meaning they should make these a part of their regular line-up.

First up is:


Lay's Cheddar Bacon Mac and Cheese flavored potato chips
Sounds kind of mundane and pedestrian, right? Surely it can’t be all bad with an innocent name like that. Or is it?

Bill: I liked these. I thought they tasted like what they said they are. I found the bacon and cheese flavors to be pretty balanced.

Bill’s Score: 4

Sue: Ew. I thought I might like these  the best but. The flavor is kind of like cold grease, with an overwhelming flavor of liquid smoke. They taste almost exactly like those artificial bacon bits called “Bacos.”

Sue’s Score: 2

Second up is:

Wavy Mango Salsa

Lay's Wavy Mango Salsa flavored potato chips
A taste of the tropics? Or something washed ashore by a hurricane? We shall see…

Bill: Another one where I think the flavor is captured pretty well. I enjoyed them. They’re kind of a change of pace.

Bill’s Score: 4

Sue: Another big Ew.  Although not quite as bad. I was hoping maybe for something a bit spicy, but these taste like a boat drink spilled on a bowl of chips. There is a little bit of bite, but mainly fruity and is that coconut as well? Oh, and greasy. They taste greasy.

Sue’s Score: 3

Third up is:

Kettle Cooked Wasabi Ginger

Lay's Kettle Cooked Wasabi Ginger flavored potato chips
This one demands attention with the spiciness of wasabi. Many of us have had wasabi peas before. But the ginger? How is that going to go over? Like a led zeppelin? Read on….

Bill: Good combination of flavors. Has me thinking about sushi. (laughs)

Bill’s Score: 4

Sue: Now we’re talking. These aren’t nasty at all. And there is no overwhelming greasy taste. There is big bite from the wasabi, as wasabi peas have, and the ginger only serves to accentuate that, the way pickled ginger (gari) does with sushi. YUM.

Sue’s Score: 5

Fourth up  is:


Lay's Cappuccino flavored potato chips
This is perhaps the most frightening sounding, so I saved it for last. Obviously, if it is as bad as I think it is going to be, no need for me to lay down on the tracks and let the locomotive run me over before I get to the rest. I’ll lose my nerve. 😉

Bill: I am not really tasting the potato on these. I think the seasoning is quite good, but would probably work better on a wafer cookie or something similar.

Bill’s Score: 1

Sue: These are revolting. And I made myself eat several to be sure. They taste like graham crackers sprinkled with instant coffee. Just wait until I find the person who dreamed these up. (gagging like Joan Rivers)

Sue’s Score: 0 (Throw them away)

 What Do You Think?

After all, that’s what matters here.

Vote for your favorite on the contest site:

Do Us a Flavor!


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