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Sushi Kingdom Restaurant Review
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Sue Lau | Palatable Pastime

Sushi Kingdom
$$ Japanese, Sushi Bars
12140 Royal Point Dr
Cincinnati, OH 45249


I haven’t been to this address since it was Kyojin. After I saw it was in business again I checked the reviews. Seeing the barrage of slam-o-grams I was a bit apprehensive to try it. But I told myself that if it was really that bad surely they would not still be in business and that if I didn’t try it, I would always wonder. So my partner and I decided to brave it.
There were two sushi chefs on duty. The wait staff was very friendly and told us that we could get anything on the A-Y-C-E menu for that price except the sashimi which is an extra charge. We ordered three times, each with a variety of sushi, sushi rolls and other items. All of it was good. Not as posh on the fish slices as I have had in some places. The rolls up at Kabuki in Centerville are much more impressive, BUT. We could order again, which we did, until we were stuffed. I did NOT see an excess of rice as I have in some places, and although the fish wasn’t enormous, it wasn’t tiny like you see on some Asian AYCE buffets around Cincinnati. The fish was fresh, the only thing that was a little over ripe was one slice of avocado in one of the rolls, but the color on that was still delicious green. Service slightly slow, not too too slow, but next time I will combine orders from three to 2 or 1 to save some time. You do pay for drinks but if you want wine, be a sport and cough up or just drink water if you don’t want to pay for pop.
The value of the buffet is very good and I will come here again.

We had much more than these two photos but this gives you an idea.


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