A #SundaySupper Preview of What (or Who!) to Throw on the Barbie

Join the Sunday Supper TasteMakers this weekend for a huge collection of grilling and barbecue recipes!

“Throw  Something on the Barbie!” Preview for Sunday Supper

By Sue Lau | Palatable Pastime

It’s that time of year again, when  Memorial Day sneaks up on us and  unofficially opens the Summertime BBQ season. I don’t know about  you, but I am chomping at the bit to do some major Qing this summer. Just getting outdoors in the fresh air is reason enough.

But you know what? My neighbors are going to hate me. When they smell all the tempting aromas wafting over the back fence from my patio- at least until they realize all the things I make can be found on my blog. That’s the great part of being  a food blogger. We  might be that rare breed that has altogether too many dishes and plates (and every kitchen gadget ever created), cookbooks and cooking magazines stacked to the ceiling in the corner of the library or den, and for fun we like to haunt grocery store aisles and farmer’s markets hunting for elusive prey– that thing we have never before cooked.

But you know what? I have yet to hear a moan or complaint from the same people who give us long side glances to ever complain about all the wonderful food we make. And when we’re not around to make it, we leave a trail of breadcrumbs to blogs aplenty so the average Joe can find their way back to that delicious food again.

And Sunday Supper Tastemakers really are true professionals  at getting the word out and the job done.To say we LOVE to cook is an understatement. It’s our obsession. It’s our pride and joy. And as a family, we rock it.

So join me this week  as we parade an  immense list if delicious grilling and barbecue recipes. If you are not the pitmaster in your family (yet!), oh baby, you will be. You will be! We got your back and we’ll keep the fires burning…

See all the Barbecue recipes here:

Chicken Mazatlan
Throw Something on the Barbie! for #SundaySupper

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