Black Friday Buffet

Buried under heaps of Thanksgiving leftovers?
Try one of these great recipes to repurpose those!

Everybody loves a good leftover turkey sammie after Thanksgiving.

But should the leftovers feel like they are overrunning your table, take heart. There are plenty of good ideas for using those up before they wind up in the trash or disposal. As usual, I will be adding as many ideas a I have time, and as well, for all our Palatable pastime friends, please feel free to post your ideas in the comments box, whether they be ideas in words, recipes you may have posted at a recipe site (leave a link), or perhaps you have a blog with posted recipes using leftovers? (bloggers leave a link for each leftover recipe, not to your index/main page).

I hope you all have safe travel during the holiday weekend for you and yours.

And even more. Stay safe when shopping on Friday. Zombies now own the shops and malls. rofl!


~Recipes for Roasted or Cooked Turkey or Chicken~

Turkey Tetrazzini

Raspberry Chipotle Turkey Melt

Chicken Enchiladas

Chicken Fried Rice

Chicken Salad

Chinese Fried Rice

Chinese House Special Fried Rice

Sue’s Sesame Fried Rice

~Recipes using Baked Ham~

Ham and Bean Soup

Deviled Ham and Egg Salad

Crock Pot Collard Greens and Ham

~Recipes using Mashed Potatoes~

Leftover Mashed Potato Soup

~Recipes using Stuffing~

~Recipes using Cranberry Sauce~

Bacon-Cheddar Turkey Burger with Cranberry Chipotle Mayo

Catalina Cranberry Chicken

~Other recipes using leftovers~

Leftover Roast Beef Soup

Do you have blog recipes that repurpose leftovers?

Feel free to *linky* them here.

No blog but just ideas? Share them as well.


Did you like this recipe? Looking for a different recipe? Let me know!

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