Restaurant Reviews

This page will index our restaurant reviews by type of cuisine and then by rating under each heading.

Rating System:

Excellent! (Can you come be my personal chef?)

Really Good (I’ll be back again!)

Uninspired~Shrug (I probably won’t volunteer to come here)

Signs of Trouble (I’ll give you a good long time to work out your issues)

Really Unfortunate (I will never be back)

Restaurant Reviews:

Cincinnati Ohio Metro:


Sushi Kingdom Restaurant, 12140 Royal Point Dr, Symmes Twp.


The Grand Finale, 3 East Sharon Road, Glendale, Ohio 4-stars

Dayton Ohio Metro:


Woody’s Barbecue, 3321 Dayton-Xenia Road, Beavercreek, Ohio 4-stars (closed)


North China Restaurant, Far Hills Avenue, Centerville Ohio 4-stars

Hunan Wok Chinese Restaurant, South Main Street, Centerville Ohio 4 stars


Pho Mi Vietnamese Restaurant, Kingsridge Drive, Miamisburg, Ohio 5 stars

Product Reviews:

Doritos Jacked Mystery Test Flavors


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