Southern Saturdays

Southern Saturdays Blog Cooking Challenge

Southern Saturdays

Southern cooking by the book! This is a blogging challenge where each week, the group will cook a recipe from a pre-chosen cookbook then blog about it.

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Southern Saturdays

1. Recipe must be in the selected book.
2. You cannot post the recipe in full in your blog post, although an ingredient list will be allowed.
3. You may describe in your narrative, how you prepared the recipe and what changes you made, but changes should be confined to common sense, as you would if reviewing a recipe (too many changes don’t reflect the spirit of the challenge) and you should not list the recipe as your own by including methodology, even if you have done an adaptation. Those who want more info on the recipe should consult the particular cookbook being featured for more information.
4. Participation does not have to be every week,although the group is aiming for Saturday publication. You may particpate as often or as little as you like, but limit it to one post per Saturday please.
5. Hashtag your post on appropriate social media so it may be followed by interested people, and you may also link your post within this group after it publishes.

Current and Previous Challenges

Southern Saturdays #1 Lighten Up Y’all by Virginia Willis

Southern Saturdays #2 Essentials of Southern Cooking by Damon Lee Fowler

Southern Saturdays #3 Charleston Receipts by The Junior League of Charleston

Southern Saturdays Current Schedule & How To’s:

If you wish to participate, select a recipe from the books below and make a blog post discussing how you personally made the recipe.
You may include the ingredients list, but not the written instructions from the book.
You may link to the author’s page if they have the recipe from the book posted online.
You may include all your own photos in your post.
You may link to a place where the book may be bought.

You may not attribute the recipe as your own, no matter how many changes you make.
You may make small changes and note them in the post, but they must mot significantly alter the recipe.

You should post your blog article between 12AM-8AM US Eastern time on the scheduled posting date, schedule it if needed.
Tag your post ‪#‎SouthernSaturdays‬ as well as a hashtag for the author.
Feel free to share across various socail media and link your post within the group as well as a linky party I will provide the address for. (Check back to this file for linky addresses as I add those).

Cookbooks will be held over for a return four weeks out along with a second selection. You can choose to do one from each or both if you like, or take the week off. Whichever cookbook has the most postings will come back again the next month along with a new second selection.

Upcoming Events:

10.3.15 Mastering the Art of Southern Cooking by Cynthia Graubart and Nathalie Dupree

a. Lighten’ Up Y’all by Virginia Willis
b. Southern Pies by Nancie McDermott

a. Essentials of Southern Cooking by Damon Lee Fowler
b. Off the Eaten Path by Southern Living, foreword by Fannie Flagg

a. Charleston Receipts by Junior League of Charleston
b. Hallelujah! The Welcome Table by Maya Angelou

a. Mastering the Art of Southern Cooking by Cynthia Graubart and Nathalie Dupree
b. Southern Biscuits by Cynthia Graubart and Nathalie Dupree