Recipe Roundup: 2014 Year in Review

It’s been a great year with a wild ride, and lots of yummy recipes. And you, dear readers, decided on your favs.

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2014 Year in Review

by Sue Lau | Palatable Pastime

December 25, 2014

I can’t believe that Christmas is slipping away and the year is winding down already.

It’s been a great year here at Palatable Pastime. Getting our own domain. Working to learn even more about blogging in general as well as food photography. It is still a learning experience!

Much of this year, I have been really busy, as we worked tirelessly to find a new home, I think I must have looked at every home for sale in the Cincinnati-Dayton corridor of Ohio. But in September, we finally settled on one and bought it. Then came the real work. The move (and moving my kitchen!) It did slow me down a bit on the blogging, but I have tried to keep up. And truth be told, we are still getting settled here.

I posted lots of recipes this year, as well as many more I have set aside that I haven’t posted just yet. Look for those soon!

And of the recipes I did post, there were some old favorites as well as a few new ones, as you dear reader, have lifted them head and shoulders above the others. I could never choose! I am a loving mother to them and love them all (or I would not have posted them in the first place!) But I am truly honored at the attention you all gave to a few of them, which is truly astonishing at how many people are interested. And some not even with the best photos.

And that does make me happy, because good food tastes good, not just looks good. Sometimes the best recipe in the world can have a crappy photo, and other photos can make even the worst recipe look stunning. SO it makes me truly happy when you guys know the difference, and judge a recipe on its own merit and pass it to your friends via word of mouth and taste buds.

Thanks so much!

And as our year ends, I’d like to present to you my 20 most popular recipes of the year, in a post holiday roundup, just in case you missed seeing one. So without further ado, here they are, beginning with number 20, bringing up the rear:


Persian Grilled Lamb Chops



Ham Salad

Ham Salad



Brown Sugar Glazed Baked Ham

Brown Sugar Glazed Baked Ham



Hungarian Cabbage Soup / Koposzta Leves

Hungarian Cabbage Soup | Kaposzta Leves



Hawaiian Macaroni Salad

Hawaiian Macaroni Salad



Crock Pot Glazed Corned Beef Brisket

Crock Pot Glazed Corned Beef Brisket


Spaghetti Squash Tetrazzini

Spaghetti Squash Tatrazzini


Quiche with Swiss Chard and Mushroom

quiche with swiss chard and mushroom


French Tomato Lentil Soup

french tomato lentil soup


Copycat Bang Bang Shrimp Tacos

Copycat Bang Bang Tacos


German Sauerkraut Balls

German Sauerkraut Balls


Sauerkraut Cabbage Rolls

Sauerkraut Cabbage Rolls


Mediterranean Chickpea Salad (Balela)

Balela Salad with Seekh Kebab


Refrigerator Pickles: Sweets, Dills and Jalapeno Slices

 photo 73ca3040-de53-45d6-b953-85715c891119.jpg


Volcano Chicken

Volcano Chicken


Crock Pot Collard Greens

Crock Pot Collard Greens


Gluten Free and Sugar Free Peanut Butter Cookies

gluten-free and sugar-free peanut butter cookies


Spicy Black-Eyed Pea Soup

Spicy Black-Eyed pea Soup


Easy Lemon Parmesan Baked Salmon

Easy Lemon Parmesan Baked Salmon


Old-Fashioned Bread and Celery Dressing or Stuffing

old fashioned bread and celery dressing or stuffing

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Thank you all so much!

I am looking forward to a wonderful 2015!

Love, Sue

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