Cantaloupe Margaritas for #Sunday Supper

Ripe summer melon can be the basis for one of the most classic cocktails ever.
Cantaloupe Margaritas for #Sunday Supper
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Ranch Corn on the Cob #SRC

Roasted  cob corn with a simple, yet savory butter.
Ranch Corn on the Cob
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Henri’s Tas-Tee Dressing Clone and Cole Slaw for #Sunday Supper

Sweet and tangy dressing  made  at home from scratch  with the usual slaw.
Henri's Tas-Tee Dressing Clone
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Creamy Peas with Mushrooms and Garlic

Irish style fresh peas and ‘shrooms with a creamy cheese sauce.

Creamy Peas with Mushrooms and Garlic

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Grilled Prosciutto Corn for #Sunday Supper

Corn with a subtle wrap of prosciutto adds tons of flavor!
Prosciutto Grilled Corn for #SundaySupper
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