Deviled Eggs with Horseradish and Dill for #NationalPicnicDay

Deviled eggs are a picnic favorite and perfectly different with dill and a hint of horseradish.
Deviled Eggs with Horseradish and Dill
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Soup and Sandwich Pairing for #SundaySupper

Give your grilled cheese some beefy muscle as a patty melt, paired perfectly with a mushroom stroganoff soup.
Beef Patty Melts with Mushroom Stroganoff Soup
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Seeded Peanut Butter Cookies #CrazyIngredientChallenge

Traditional peanut butter cookies chock full of peanuts and a variety of seeds for a delicious crunch.
Seeded Peanut Butter Cookies
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Grilled Strawberry Pineapple Shortcake #FantasticalFoodFight

Slices of grilled pound cake are topped with macerated strawberries, grilled pineapple rings and whipped cream.
Grilled Strawberry Pineapple Shortcake
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Oven Baked Blueberry Pancake #RSC

Easy oven baked pancake with a fresh blueberry filling makes a comforting Springtime breakfast. This has a flavor halfway between blueberry pancakes and a Dutch Baby.
Oven Baked Blueberry Pancake
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Slice and Bake Chocolate Chip Cookies #SundaySupper

If you don’t have time to plan dessert everyday,  slicing a few chocolate chip cookies off a roll of dough and baking them off fresh in a few minutes can be a lifesaver.
Slice and Bake Chocolate  Chip Cookies
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