A #SundaySupper Preview of Waffles!

Join the Sunday Supper TasteMakers this Sunday for a 45+ delicious waffle recipes!

A #SundaySupper Preview of Waffles!

By Sue Lau | Palatable Pastime

It’s always fun to host a Sunday Supper event when the topic is one I enjoy.

Did you know? The waffle comes from the Frankish wafla, meaning honeycomb cake. Obviously, someone who knew the ins and outs of the best kind of breakfast food discovered all the little pockets in the waffles were perfect for holding buttery syrups, the most popular topping.

But syrups and waffles are not exclusive. At the 1904 World’s Fair in St. Louis, the summer weather was so humid and sultry that ice cream dishes quickly ran out. Undeterred, enterprising vendors collaborated with waffle vendors to concoct a cone to hold the ice cream from a folded and pressed waffle and wala, the ice cream cone was born.

But the creativity of the foodie did not stop there. Love of waffles also extended into waffles fries and also chicken and waffles. And you know how food bloggers are. Next thing people knew, we were making hash browns in a waffle iron, because yes,  you can pretty much cook anything in a waffle iron and most times successfully.

And below we have a number of traditional as well as slightly untraditional ways of enjoying waffles, all from the skilled kitchens of the Sunday Supper bloggers. It’s a lot of fun taking part in these weekly events, from starting with a recipe concept to finishing up chatting in Twitter on Sunday evening. Everyone is welcome to chat along. Won’t you join us this week?

And if you are a food blogger who enjoys posting along with a group, the upcoming Sunday Supper blogging events over the next few weeks include recipes for 4th of July, Pina Coladas/Coconut, and Peaches. It’s very easy to participate and someone can help you figure out exactly what to do  if you need. Message me below (in the comments) or inquire on site or in the FaceBook group. More information on SSM is below.


Hosted by Sue Lau of Palatable Pastime

see the full line-up of waffle recipes here:

Monte Cristo Waffles Sandwich


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