Doritos Jacked Mystery Test Flavors

A sneak peek inside the bags of the new Doritos Jacked Mystery Test Flavors!
Doritos Jacked Mystery Test Flavors

Doritos Jacked Mystery Test Flavors
by Sue Lau | Palatable Pastime
and Bill Lau | Potable Pastime

Everybody loves a good mystery. And as part of the promotion for the new line of Doritos Jacked Flavors, Frito Lay has conveniently left the names of the flavors OFF the bag.
And if you are bold enough to try them, you can then enter their contest at where they will be awarding prizes daily.

I suppose it is a good marketing gimmick, as oddball flavors of chips in the past can sometimes raise an eyebrow or two.
But to take some of the stress out of deciding if you’d like to buy these chips and nosh on them, Bill of Potable Pastime and I will be reviewing all three flavors here for you right now, so grab a comfy chair and a beer (or root beer!), and enjoy.

BLUE: Test Flavor #2653
Doritos Jacked Test Flavor 2653

It’s hard to tell what’s inside of the bag, opaque and silver. But the tell-tale clues can be found in the ingredients list.
There, among other common ingredients you might find in many corn chips, are:
Chipotle Chili Pepper
Brown Sugar
Chocolate Liqueur
Natural Bacon Type flavor
Natural Smoke type flavor

You can make guesses at the flavor, but Bill and I will hop right to it and get into the bag.

Sue: These are really dark and heavily coated with seasonings! The first bite is not as spicy as I expected from looking at them. And there is a bit of sweetness right up front.

Bill: I’m getting some chilli flavor, a little bit of smokiness, and it makes me think of enchilada sauce, I guess.

Sue: Whoa! There is some heat build-up as it gets into the palate, so this is not a chip without fire. I can tell the spice will be building up fast.

Bill: I can notice the heat building up as well after having several.

Sue: I can pick out the chocolate flavor, but it is not overwhelming. If I had to say what their point was with the chip, it reminds me of a Mexican mole sauce, without the flavor of the meat.

Bill: Definitely! I am getting that too. It’s actually pretty good- it’s layered! I’d buy this one again!

Sue: I think I would too. I can imagine the crushed chips coating chicken breast, or even a deadly viper kind of chip for nachos. Kind of a “Kill Bill” thing going on there, not that I am out to kill you….*snort*

ORANGE: Test Flavor #404 (What’s that? 404: Flavor not Found?)
Doritos Jacked Test Flavor 404

Another unassuming bag, not quite in plain brown wrapper. Think Lost in Space silver suits and you got it.
Among the ingredients to give as a preview are:
Brown Sugar
Molasses solids
Lime juice solids
Orange juice solids

Sue: Oh, this chip is not quite as coated as the last ones, and much lighter in color. The citrus flavors explode on the palate right away! There is lime and also orange, but a bit tastier than other lime things I have tried.

Bill: I get the zippy orange and lime up front as well, along with some other spices in the background. And the corn flavor really comes through.

Sue: I think that’s because they didn’t overdo it with the spice coating. The flavor is sweet and fruity, and a little bit spicy. It reminds me of some Caribbean and Mexican meat dishes I have made before, especially the ones with pork. But no pork flavor is really noticable.

Bill: Yeah, what’s that one marinade, what’s that called? I think that’s what they are going for on this one.

Sue: Yep. Like the marinade for those grilled steak carne asada tacos I posted on Recipezaar years ago or like one of those Cuban Mojo Criollo marinade recipes.

Bill: I like it! Seems like it would go really well with a meat dish.

Sue: Yep! I am thinking steak nachos. OMGood! Definitely buy again, although eating too many Doritos could be dangerous!

Bill: Well, not Daniel Craig/Bond dangerous. But definitely Sean Connery/Bond dangerous!

Sue: Sean Connery….eternally yum! And Daniel Craig? Yeah, he was hot in Tomb Raider, but in Skyfall? Not so hot. 😉

RED: Test Flavor #855
Doritos Jacked Test Flavor 855

Another silver bag, same mystery meats, er, I mean, chips- inside.
And Edgar Allan Poe’s tell-tale ingredients are:
Sour Cream
Cayenne Pepper Sauce
Cheddar Cheese
Blue Cheese

Sue: Another heavily coated chip! Tangy! Tastes like there’s a bit of vinegar in it, although it is nowhere to be found on the ingredients list.

Bill: There is a red-hot flavor, and also a ranch dip flavor and a bit of cheese.

Sue: These are definitely assertive with the spice! And yes, they taste like Buffalo Hot Wings to me, minus the chicken flavor.

Bill: These are the hottest of the three, I think. Although the orange ones weren’t that hot, But these are definitely much hotter.

Sue: Needs dip. Maybe one of the buffalo chicken dip recipes? Or maybe just blue cheese dip. I love blue cheese!

Bill: I like them well enough to get them again. I’ve had 2-3 different variations of Buffalo chips and these seem a little different from those Buffalo types. I didn’t find this flavor as unique as the other two test chips- pretty pedestrian really, albeit spicy.

Well, there you have the three mystery chips, and can make your own decisions about them.
We had fun trying things without knowing what they were going to be, although the guesses from the ingredients weren’t far off.
They all seem very good (much better than some chicken and waffle chips we tried once) but I suggest going easy on them. After sampling three types I don’t want to see another Dorito until maybe next year. LOL

~Love and chips~


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