Countdown to 2020: Best Appetizer and Snack Recipes

Countdown to 2020: the best appetizer and snack recipes posted on Palatable Pastime in 2019 and beyond- reader’s favorites and more.

Countdown  to 2020: Best Appetizers and Snacks

By Sue Lau | Palatable Pastime

It’s that time of year  again, when I count  down some of my popular  recipes  for you guys to look over.

I really have no idea how the year went  by so fast. Maybe I have my nose stuck in the frying pan  too much, being busy with all my cooking.

I do  love  to cook, and manage so much more than I ever  have time  to post on the blog. I’d say it was an obsession, but that might be  an understatement.

Time  was,  I might set  up a repeating monthly menu, but the bare truth of it  is that I  rarely come back to a recipe any more, pushing  full speed ahead.

There are some exceptions,  and  some of my top recipes might be some of them. It brings back memories to create them  again in  my kitchen, and savor all the  good tastes. They are what we call Keeper recipes.

Countdown  to 2020: Best Appetizers and Snacks

Some of  my blogging friends are  also sharing their top recipes,  so it pays to take a peek. I   know  I  will. If I don’t find time  to try all the recipes that catch my eye, it is incentive to have help sifting  out the  cream of the crop.

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Countdown to 2020

Top Appetizers and Snacks on Palatable Pastime:

Crack Chicken Dip

Countdown to 2020: Crack Chicken Dip

Countdown to 2020: Lil’ Smokies in Grape Jelly Sauce

Lit'l Smokies in Grape Jelly Sauce

Crab Stuffed Shrimp

Countdown to 2020: Crab Stuffed Shrimp

Mexican  Queso Dip

Countdown to 2020: Mexican Queso DipRedneck Oysters Rockefeller

Countdown to 2020: Redneck Oysters Rockefeller

New and Notable Appies on the  Blog

These recipes haven’t been published long enough to have the notoriety of the other recipes. But they are still very good. Bill  was absolutely nuts about the cheese spread.

I like  meatballs,  especially around the holidays, so could eat my weight in those.

Danish  Asier Pickles

Danish Asier Pickles

Pear & Port Wine Cheese Spread

Pear and Port Wine Cheese Spread

Air Fryer Peri Peri  Chicken Wings

Air-Fryer Peri Peri Chicken Wings

Beer Brat Nachos

Beer Brat Nachos

Cranberry Glazed Meatballs

Cranberry Glazed Meatballs

Stuff  of Mine Tucked Away in Dark Corners of the Net  You Might Like:

(sorry I haven’t got around to  adding them  on the blog  yet)

Yeah yeah. I have a few goodies scattered about- this one not my personal recipe but one I made for a cooking event. The dipping sauce is a little different than what we eat in the  states. You might enjoy it for NYE.

Australian  Prawn  Cocktail

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  1. I’ve hearing a lot about port wine cheese all of a sudden and I’m happy to find a recipe without even looking! 🙂 So many others of these look so good!

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