Cornbread Stuffing Mix

Cornbread Stuffing Mix is an easy and frugal way to turn your leftover corn bread into a wonderful stuffing mix to use at Thanksgiving!
Cornbread Stuffing Mix

Making your own cornbread stuffing mix is so easy there is no excuse to buy it in the bag at the market.
And true. You can just crumble up cornbread you made just for the purpose, but.
If you are like me, even though you make the most fabulously delicious cornbread and corn muffins, there are going to be leftovers sometimes. Why should you throw those away?

I dry all my leftover cornbread into stuffing mix. I will say that if I make a sweet cornbread, I don’t use that one for stuffing turkeys, but i do still have uses for it. I just keep any sweet kinds of cornbread crumbles separate from the ones I use for stuffing. I am not debating the pros and cons of sweet or unsweet cornbread, because there are places in the world for each. And I make both. But I don’t make sweet cornbread for my ham & beans because like my mother before me, I am apt to crumble it in a bowl and ladle the beans on top along with some chopped onion or fresh minced chiles. But with barbecue, I love the sweeter kind, that is almost like pound cake. But all idiosyncrasies aside, dry all your cornbread. Just keep it bagged separate after you dry it and mark it as such. If you don’t know what to do with the sweeter kind, I will be blogging ideas and sending them your way.

So this is so easy.


stale cornbread


1. Crumble cornbread by hand or if you are like me, be lazy and pulse it in your food processor.

2. Spread crumbles in a single layer on a baking sheet and bake at 300F for 30-60 minutes, depending on how dry it is.

3. When is it done? Take a piece and taste it. It should be totally dry and crackery. Allow mixture to them cool, and bag it up in a ziplock bag and store in the pantry till you need it. Don’t forget to mark sweet or unsweet with a label or marker.

That’s it! Now you can use it like the overpriced stuff in the store. And you know exactly what is in yours. Not some ingredient or preservative you cannot pronounce.

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  1. I am looking for a stuffing recipe that uses bread soaked in milk overnight then squeezed dry and sautéed in butter it has apples, raisins, nuts and the usual spices. My mom used to make it but she never wrote out the recipe and I would like to find one like it. Thanks for any help you can give me

  2. Using cornbread was a tradition in our family growing up, and I continue to do it if I have remembered to make it early on! Thanks for reminding me it has to have the dry, crumbly texture. Too much softness is just personally too “mushy”!. This can be made for vegan, gluten-free, and vegetarians sooo easily, too~ the rest is done as you like it. I learned from my best friend’s mom to chop celery, wash/chop mushrooms, same with onions, scallions, it’s up to you, while heating the vegetable organic broth easily found in all grocery stores. Throw the vegetables of your choice in as it becomes a rolling boil of goodness. Add a bit of butter if must, or a butter that is a combination of butter and a different ingredient, maybe yogurt. I found easily it after searching each type because definitely don’t want trans fat, like “fake” butter or anything like that. It is great, even if you don’t go the cornbread route but it CAN be done without flour, meat based broth, etc. and leaves you feeling less “stuffed”!

  3. In an old organic gardening magazine, I found a recipe for a fruitcake made with lots of dried fruits & nuts and was baked on low. That’s all I can remember. I’d love to hear back if anyone has a recipe for it.

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