Lemon Rice

A simple version of Indian fried rice.
Lemon Rice

Lemon Rice
By Sue Lau | Palatable Pastime

Today I am revisiting a dish I first published a few years ago, which is one of my favorites. It’s quite simple to make and in essence, is an Indian version of fried rice. Once the rice is done and cold, it really just takes a few minutes to cook up. I like making this with leftover rice or rice which I have put in the freezer for later.

This is a South India recipe dish and is really delicious. The nuts give it a bit of crunch but I do like the chickpeas in there as well.
I have loved lemon rice since first trying it at Anand India restaurant in Blue Ash Ohio. It was on their buffet, and not on the regular menu, which is unfortunate. When I craved it when it wasn’t being offered, I then had to make it myself. While this recipe is not their recipe, I have tried to make it as close to theirs as possible. I am not even sure Anand serves theirs anymore as I haven’t seen it on their buffet in ages, but they have had it at New Krishna Indian restaurant off Reading Road by I-275 in Sharonville, Ohio. It might even be the same chef….who knows? But anyhoo…this is so easy to make you don’t need to worry about who is serving this, when and where. Make it at home and for far less.

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Lemon Rice

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