Easy Iced Tea (by the gallon)

Easy Iced Tea (by the gallon) is my perfect blend for what I drink everyday, in a gallon size for family, friends and picnics.
Easy Iced Tea

Easy Iced Tea (by the gallon)

By Sue Lau | Palatable Pastime

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Easy iced tea by the gallon is my recipe of the day. I have updated an older post by the glass to this bulk recipe. I keep it in my fridge so I don’t have  to brew every time I want a glass.

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Easy Iced Tea

This  can also sit on the counter unrefrigerated for a number of hours. I find that as tea ages, it begins to make a mother which I don’t care for. I mean, I like kombucha, but this is tea. Also, the flavor goes south as it sits over time, just as coffee does.

You can keep this chilled and retain quality for two days or so, depending  on room temp.

Easy Iced Tea (by the gallon)

Easy Iced Tea

I make this using Luzianne family tea bags and a few Celestial Seasoning flavored teas. I really like the peach and blueberry flavors. But from time to time I will use other flavored teas.

It softens  the bitter flavor of the tea for me and I find  I can easily drink it unsweetened.

Southern Sweet Tea

You  can sweeten this for Southern tea if you prefer. After you removed the  tea  bags,  stir  in 1-1/2 cups granulated sugar into the warm tea until dissolved. That is the way my family made sweet tea always. Although I only add lemon  to my tea, I still remember the ratio  we used.

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Easy Iced Tea (by the gallon)

Easy Iced Tea (by the gallon)

Sue Lau
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Prep Time 5 minutes
Cook Time 10 minutes
Steep Time 10 minutes
Course Beverages
Cuisine American
Servings 16 (8 ounce servings)


  • 1 plastic gallon jug
  • 1 plastic funnel


  • 8 Luzianne family sized tea bags
  • 4 individual flavored tea bags I use Celestial Seasonings Peach
  • 4 cups water


  • Heat water to boiling in a saucepan and stir in the tea bags.
  • Remove from heat and steep ten minutes.
  • Remove tea bags and discard. Stir in the sugar now if making Sweet Tea.
  • Fill a gallon container or pitcher halfway with cold water.
  • If using a jug, a funnel helps when pouring in the tea.
  • Add the hot tea mixture and top up the container with more cold water.
  • Refrigerate to keep tea fresh longer.


From the kitchen of palatablepastime.com


Sodium: 3mgCalcium: 2mg
Keyword Best Iced Tea
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Easy Iced Tea

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  1. We will need Iced tea now that the heat has started building up. Will make some for us all. Love the flavours here.

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