Homemade Berry Vinegar

Homemade berry vinegar is easily made in your home kitchen  preserving the goodness of fresh seasonal fruit.

Homemade Berry Vinegar

Homemade Berry Vinegar

By   Sue  Lau | Palatable Pastime

Homemade Berry Vinegar is my recipe of the day for Berry Week. I  love making  vinegars every year- sometimes with berries,  sometimes with other fruits,  occasionally with herbs and then there is pepper   vinegar, the staple of the south.

There isn’t a whole lot  involved  with making these  vinegars from  scratch as it  takes just the fruit, a supply of white wine vinegar,   and  some canning jars.

What Type of  Vinegar Should I Use?

As a word of caution,  I don’t advise trying   this with cider  vinegar, white vinegar or anything else as the flavors will either be harsh, off,  or just discolored in the vinegar itself. You want a nice clear vinegar to  showcase the lovely color of your fruit,  but white vinegar is just harsh flavored.

Where Should I Store My Vinegar?

After you  set up the vinegar, you will want to store it in a nice dark place. Basements and cellars are great as they are cool and dark. You really don’t want to store in a hot place. If you don’t have something handy, you can always create a dark place  inside a heavy paper grocery bag and set off to the side somewhere where the room temp is  nice. Stay  away from the  laundry room with it if  you store things there as the dryer will put off heat.

Sitting quietly in their dark world, vinegars will look wonderful in about 3-4 weeks. The fruit itself may appear like the color has faded, but that’s ok.

How  To Finish  It Up

Strain the berries off and try to  avoid  any sediment in the bottom of the jar if you have that as it will make the vinegar cloudy.

The  vinegar is safe to keep at room  temp  because of the vinegar content.

Don’t keep  the berries in the vinegar as it  will  degrade. Sometimes,  when  doing herb vinegars, I will keep a sprig of tarragon in it but even that can look not so pretty after awhile.

Enjoy your berry vinegar as you would any  other, or try putting it  in your  favorite homemade vinaigrettes for a more  delicious  and complex flavor.

Homemade Berry Vinegar

Tuesday Berry Week Recipes

It’s Berry Week so  all week long you will be seeing berry oriented recipes on various participating blogs. I will be  participating three days this week as time allows. Check my events calendar on the  right margin for more details.

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Homemade Berry Vinegar

Homemade Berry Vinegar

Sue Lau
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Prep Time 10 minutes
Aging time 28 days
Course Pantry Staples
Cuisine American
Servings 1 quart


  • Fresh berries such as strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, blackberries
  • White wine vinegar


  • Rinse berries and fill canning jars 3/4 full with the berries.
  • Bring white wine vinegar to a boil and top up jars, placing a small piece of plastic over the top berries to keep them submerged.
  • Place lids on jars and store undisturbed in a cool dark place for about one month.
  • Strain berries from vinegar without pressing on them and discard berries.
  • Store vinegar in a cool dry place.


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Homemade Berry Vinegar

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