Vietnamese Coffee

Vietnamese style pour-over coffee sweetened with condensed milk in the traditional style.

Vietnamese Coffee

Vietnamese Coffee

By Sue Lau | Palatable Pastime

Vietnamese Coffee

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Supplies for making Vietnamese coffee consist of a phin, which is a small stainless steel pour-over pot that sits atop the coffee cup during brewing. It has the steel filter, also  an insert for tamping down the coffee, a lower drip pan, and also a lid. Other supplies include Vietnamese coffee, which is a French style dark roast, condensed milk, coffee cups, a measuring spoon, and of course, boiling water. I have included affiliate links in the ingredient list if you need those- you can view them on Amazon by clicking that red link. You might also find them at local Asian markets- but you might have to check several, as not all probably carry that.

Vietnamese Coffee Making Supplies

Getting ready to brew Vietnamese coffee is pretty straightforward and simple. Place the coffee in the bottom of the metal filter and tamp it down with the insert.

Then place that on top of the lower drip pan to hold it over the coffee cup (which you prefill with some condensed milk). Then you add a small amount of boiling water to soften and saturate the coffee, which takes about five minutes.

At that point you would finish filling the filter cup with boiling water and put the cap on to keep it  hot while it drips through into the cup. It takes another five minutes to finish, and you can peek to see when it’s done.

Then  remove the lid and invert it to use as a tray for the filter cup, and place the lower drip pan on top of that to keep things tidy and not dripping all over the table.

Stir up the condensed milk from the bottom and enjoy.

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Vietnamese Coffee

  • Servings: 1
  • Difficulty: easy
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Vietnamese Coffee




  1. Place coffee in the phin and tamp down gently with the  insert.
  2. Put condensed milk in the bottom of the coffee cup.
  3. Top cup  with the phin and the base.
  4. Pour one ounce boiling water into the phin and cover; let grounds absorb the first ounce for five minutes.
  5. Remove cover and fill with boiling water (about 3.5 ounces) and cover again.
  6. Let coffee finish dripping through, then invert cap and place the phin on the cap, and put the base on top of the phin.
  7. Stir and enjoy.

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