Breakfast Chops #SundaySupper

Thin pork chops are an easy and quick breakfast option, ready in less than 5 minutes.
Breakfast Chops

Breakfast Chops

By Sue Lau | Palatable Pastime

This week for Sunday Supper my blogging friends are posting easy pork chops recipes. I was going to do another version of smothered pork chops, since we like those, but since I have one version up already and no mention of breakfast chops on the blog, thought I would go with that.

It’s not much of a recipe really, since it is so easy. But I realized that many beginner cooks or those not used to cooking thin cuts of pork may not like them simply because they prepared them wrong, or thought they didn’t have time to cook these in the morning, that they did deserve a mention on the blog.

Breakfast chops are less common  for me, but something I have once in awhile, probably in the realm of chicken fried steak and eggs or pan fried catfish and eggs. And while I might have more time than many to cook breakfast in the morning, I  still do get bored of the *same old* and since I am not really big on eating sugary cereals, I like to keep options like these in mind.

I imagine if you think of cooking pork  chops for breakfast, you instantly think you haven’t got time. But the truth to the matter is that when cut thin, boneless chops cook in about 3-4 minutes, faster than you can brown breakfast sausage. Besides the quick cooking time, chops are a much leaner meat option than sausage or bacon.  So keep it in mind when making your menus.

Since the chops are a lean pork cut from the loin , it is important not to overcook them as they will become dry and tough. They probably will be very blond in color when cooked, so if you want more color, just swish them in the pan to pick up some caramelized pan juices. The drippings with the maple will be very flavorful and add some nice color. Where I might normally suggest probing with an instant read thermometer, these cook so quickly, that by the time you mess with that you might overcook them anyway. And if you let them sit while you fry up eggs, they will  rise a couple degrees more, so they should be fine.

If you’d like these a bit fancier, just top with sawmill gravy. and serve with biscuits. Just eliminate the sausage from my sausage biscuits recipe.

Breakfast Chops

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Breakfast Chops

Breakfast Chops

  • Servings: 4
  • Difficulty: easy
  • Print

Breakfast Chops


  • 1 pound thin boneless breakfast pork chops
  • salt and pepper
  • 1 tablespoon olive oil
  • 1 tablespoon maple syrup


  1. Season chops with salt and black  pepper.
  2. Heat oil in a large nonstick skillet.
  3. Sear chops for 1-2 minutes, flip, drizzle with maple syrup and sear 1-2 minutes more.
  4. Do not overcook chops- if you need a little more color, run them through the pan drippings (with maple).
  5. Serve with other breakfast items of your choice (I had toast, hash browns, sunny-side up eggs and juice).

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Breakfast Chops

Pork Chops

Pork Chops

Pork Chops

And More Pork Chops

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  1. We have had chop with breakfast. We’ve also had hamburger steak, Polish sausages, but never catfish. This chop looks delicious! I need to have breakfast for dinner..


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