Vegan Khoresh Bademjan (Persian Eggplant Stew)

Traditional Persian eggplant khoresh  stew (Bademjan) made vegan with the use of plant based foods.

Vegan Khoresh Bademjan

Vegan Khoresh Bademjan

By Sue Lau | Palatable Pastime

Vegan Khoresh Bademjan

I first started cooking Persian food back in the  1970’s and khoresh bademjan was the very first dish I made.  It’s usually a meat based stew with beef or lamb and eggplant in a tomato based sauce that is served over basmati rice.

Although  I am not vegan, the eggplant was always my favorite part, but making  it without something else in there left it kind of plain. I know I have made things like this with various grains or extra vegetables. If you like something that sort of has the texture of meat, bulgur is very good. It is somewhat like ground beef and one of my favs to put into chili to give the expected consistency.

It was just last year that I tried the Beyond Burgers for the first time- as a patty on a bun, and I was amazed. And when I saw they made crumbles as well, they  really are the perfect choice for healthy plant-based protein without losing the comfort quality you would get with meat.

And  don’t get me wrong- I love meat,   but I am  an omnivore. I  love eating a variety of foods. When vegan and vegetarian options present themselves in delicious ways, it makes perfect  sense.

So for January, my blogging friends and I have  put together a round-up of delicious vegan ideas. Take a peek and see for yourself! There is something for every different meal, and so many different cuisines!

Vegan Khoresh Bademjan
Vegan Recipes for #Veganuary

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    • They have burgers that are amazing. I know it has beets in it to give it the right color. I forget what else.

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