Pumpkin Donuts

Easy baked mini pumpkin donuts dusted with spiced sugar.
Pumpkin Donuts

Pumpkin Donuts

By Sue Lau | Palatable Pastime

For my fourth installment in #PumpkinWeek,  I have decided to do a healthier baked version of pumpkin donuts which are very easy to make using donut baking pans and a boxed cake mix. You can easily get a pan of these made in about 20 minutes, but the extra time allows to finish them all if you only use one donut pan. Make sure you don’t skip brushing lightly with butter or the sugar won’t stick well- fried donuts are coated while warm, and the oil from frying helps that stick. But in doing so, make sure you don’t make them too wet with butter. You can brush them or give them a quick  trip through some melted butter, but be gentle flipping them around in there. Baked donuts are a bit softer than fried (because the fried cake donuts are actually quite crispy when they come out).

I used the Pillsbury mix in this recipe but there are other brands. If you sub try to use a similar weight on the mix itself. The other ingredients should be okay after that because this doesn’t follow what the box adds in for cake anyway. Oh and I did try using a pancake batter dispenser on the first ones, but gave up since the batter is pretty thick. It’s just easier spooning it into the pan. When I squeezed the dispenser hard enough to get the batter out, it was popping the cap on the end of it. Pancake batter is a bit runnier so it just flows out. I just wanted to fill the pan circles quickly. Turns out the old spoon method works better after all. You could try using an icing gun- but still, by the time you load that, you would have been done with the spoon anyway.

Let me know how you like these! And more recipes have been added to the master list for the week below. Be sure to check back tomorrow when I share my recipe for pumpkin pierogies. I am loving all the pumpkin recipes! How about you? Until tomorrow-


Pumpkin Donuts

Pumpkin Donuts

  • Servings: 36
  • Difficulty: easy
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Pumpkin Donuts
Makes 3 dozen


  • 15.25 ounces box Pillsbury Perfectly Pumpkin cake mix
  • 1 large egg
  • 3/4 cup pumpkin puree
  • 1/2 cup apple cider
  • 1/4 cup vegetable oil
  • 1 cup granulated sugar
  • 2 teaspoons Palatable Pantry pumpkin pie spice (click for recipe)
  • 5 tablespoons melted butter
  • 12 cavity donut pan (I used the Wilton nonstick one)


  • Preheat oven to 350ºF.
  • Grease a 12-cavity nonstick mini donut pan and set aside.
  • Stir together the cake mix, egg, pumpkin puree, cider, and oil until smooth.
  • Stir together granulated sugar and pumpkin pie spice in a small bowl and set aside.
  • Place batter in donut pan filling halfway full.
  • Bake donuts for 9 minutes, then turn out of donut pan.
  • Brush lightly with butter using a pastry brush or give them a quick dip in the melted butter (don’t let too much butter get on them or they will get soggy).
  • Coat buttered donuts with spice sugar and place on a wire rack to allow air to circulate while they cool.
  • Repeat making donuts twice.

From the kitchen of palatablepastime.com

Pumpkin Donuts

Pumpkin Week

Pumpkin Week

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More Recipes Tomorrow! C’Ya!

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