Cheddar and Chive Muffins #MuffinMonday

Cheddar and Chive Muffins combine the best  of a savory muffin into one bite: cheese,  chives and sour cream
Cheddar and Chive Muffins
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Sage Stuffing Muffins

Sage Stuffing Muffins use seasoned stuffing mix with common pantry ingredients to create a handheld version of stuffing for autumn dinners.
Sage Stuffing Muffins
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Pizza Muffins #MuffinMonday

Pizza Muffins combine sauce, pepperoni, sausage and cheese inside a soft muffin for all the Italian flavor in a convenient muffin package.
Pizza Muffins
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Onion Crunch Corn Muffins #MuffinMonday

Onion Crunch Corn Muffins flavor up ordinary corn muffins into extraordinary bites  topped with a crunchy onion  topper.

Onion Crunch Corn Muffins

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Chocolate Avocado Walnut Muffins #MuffinMonday

Chocolate Avocado Walnut Muffins are  filled with chocolatey goodness and added  moisture from mashed avocado, complete  with a walnut  topping.
Chocolate Avocado Walnut Muffins
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Sugarplum Muffins #MuffinMonday

Sugarplum Muffins are filled with  holiday  spice,  a  hint  of brandy,  and  a dollop  of fruity jam for a Christmas themed breakfast treat.
Sugarplum Muffins
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Cinnamon Sweet Potato Muffins #MuffinMonday

Cinnamon Sweet Potato Muffins combine cooked sweet potatoes with cinnamon in a moist muffin batter for a perfect early autumn treat.
Cinnamon Sweet Potato Muffins
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Chocolate Chip Nutella Muffins #MuffinMonday

Chocolate Chip Nutella Muffins are  full of chocolaty hazelnut flavor and  chocolate chips for a  moist and delicious  double chocolate  experience.

Chocolate Chip Nutella Muffins
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Tomato Basil Muffins #MuffinMonday

Tomato basil  muffins are the perfect savory quick bread for dinner, filled with cherry tomatoes, basil, and Parmesan cheese.
Tomato Basil Muffins
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