Slice and Bake Chocolate Chip Cookies #SundaySupper

If you don’t have time to plan dessert everyday,  slicing a few chocolate chip cookies off a roll of dough and baking them off fresh in a few minutes can be a lifesaver.
Slice and Bake Chocolate  Chip Cookies
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Appalachian Tomato Gravy #RSC

One of the secrets of the Appalachian South  is a traditional tomato gravy often served over biscuits for breakfast or over meats, potatoes and rice at other meals.
Appalachian Tomato Gravy
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Carolina Gold Barbecue Buttermilk Brined Chicken Drumsticks #CrazyIngredientChallenge

Brined chicken drumsticks  grilled and finished with a North Carolina mustard style barbecue sauce.
Carolina Gold Barbecue Buttermilk Brined Chicken Drumsticks
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Ya Ka Mein Beef Noodle Soup (Yock, Old Sober or Yat ka Mein) #SoupSwappers

Ya ka Mein, or Yat Ka Mein beef noodle soup,  simply “Yock” or “Old Sober” as it is nicknamed, is a New Orleans style beef noodle soup with Chinese inspired flavors made in the slow cooker.
Ya ka Mein  beef noodle soup
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Easy Beef Patties in Onion Gravy (Hamburger Steaks in Gravy)

Easy chopped hamburger steak in the skillet with a delicious savory onion gravy.
Beef Patties in Onion Gravy (Hamburger Steaks in Gravy)
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Creamy Cajun Shrimp Pasta #FishFridayFoodies

Shrimp and Andouille sausage with Cajun spices in a creamy sauce tossed with linguine inspire this comforting supper.
Creamy Cajun Shrimp Pasta
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