Spooky Halloween Treats: 25+ Recipes To Feed The Monsters

Spooky Halloween Treats: recipes to feed the monsters and make your at-home parties and trick-or-treat adventures the very best they can be.

Spooky Halloween Treats

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Magic Wizard Wands #Choctoberfest #ad

Pretzel rods as Magic Wizard Wands dipped in chocolate get Harry Potter touches with sparkling confetti sprinkles.
Magic Wizard Wands

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Spider Web Brownie Pizza #Choctoberfest

The perfect dessert for any Halloween party is a tricked out creepy spider web brownie pizza, complete with a candy tarantula.

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Spooky Spider Chocolate Chip Cookies #Choctoberfest #ad

Spooky spiders  have laid claim  to these crisp and chewy Halloween themed chocolate chip cookies.

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