7-Layer Dip Cups #Back2School #Ad #OmegaPals

Totally portable, these 7-layer Dip cups with healthy Omega 3’s and flax oil are your secret weapon to healthy eating for the kids.
7 Layer Dip Cups
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Meatball and  Noodle Soup (Sopa Albondigas con Fideo) #SoupSwappers

Brothy traditional albondigas meatball soup with fideo noodles and vegetables makes a great start to any Mexican meal or chilly day supper.
Meatball and  Noodle Soup (Sopa Albondigas con Fideo)
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Crispy Shrimp Street Tacos #FishFridayFoodies

Easy to make crispy shrimp tacos with a spicy fresh mango salsa put the perfect twist to your taco Tuesday.

Crispy Shrimp Street Tacos
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Wet Breakfast Burrito #FoodieExtravaganza

Tex-Mex style breakfast burritos stuffed with sausage, peppers and potatoes, smothered with a a creamy chile gravy.

Wet Breakfast Burritos
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Shrimp and Cheese Chile Rellenos #FishFridayFoodies

Fresh poblano chile peppers rellenos (stuffed with shrimp and cheese).

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Mexican Chocolate Marbled Bundt Cake #Choctoberfest #BundtBakers

Spicy Mexican chocolate  and cinnamon marbled Bundt cake glazed with  chocolate ganache.
Mexican Chocolate Marbled Bundt Cake
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Chayote and Cuitlacoche Enchiladas #FreakyFruitsFriday #Sponsored

Two unusual ingredients combine to make the most delicious vegetarian enchiladas ever with the inclusion of chayote squash and cuitlacoche.
Chayote and Cuitlacoche Enchiladas
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Grilled Duck Tacos with Salsa Naranja and a #Giveaway for #CookoutWeek

Easy peasy grilled duck tacos with an easy to make orange salsa naranja.
Grilled Duck Tacos with Salsa Naranja
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Chicken Enchiladas Divorciadas #FoodieExtravaganza #Sponsored

Bearing the colors of red, white and green (the colors of the Mexican flag), Chicken Enchiladas Divorciadas use two different types of sauce and are quite simple to make.
Chicken Enchiladas Divorciadas (Divorced Enchiladas)
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