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Eggs Chilaquiles Verde



This recipe is a great way to use up extra salsa and leftover corn tortillas. It comes together quickly, and is far easier to make than an omelette.

In some ways similar to huevos rancheros. It’s really easy to put together. Make sure your salsa is only mild to medium for this dish. You can use red salsa if you like.

What a way to put some spice into your breakfast!

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Spanish Stuffed Mushrooms with Chorizo and Manchego



This is something simple I threw together with some stuffing size mushrooms and a bit of manchego, smoked chorizo, and seasonings. You could easily make this with larger portobello mushrooms if you wish.

The appie comes together quickly and the result is spectacular. Scale the recipe if you need more- you could do quite a few recipes in the same oven.


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